AFADS.CA: Traffic Safety with Ver-Mac’s Flagger-Mac and Flagger-Mac Lite

Traffic management and safety have always been on the forefront of road construction. As we increase road safety and optimize traffic flow, new innovative solutions are essential.

Enter AFADS.CA, a platform that introduces two cutting-edge products from Ver-Mac | the Flagger-Mac and Flagger-Mac Lite! These devices are set to revolutionize the way we approach traffic control and safety. Automated Flaggers Save Lives!

Pioneering a Safer Future

This platform is all about making traffic management safer and smoother both for the hardworking folks on the road and for all of us eager to get home or reach our destinations without frustration.

Ver-Mac, the wizards of traffic control equipment, are front and center with their Flagger-Mac magic duo. 

Automated Flagger Features

Remote Operation: Automated Flaggers like Flagger-Macs are controlled remotely, letting the operator manage traffic flow from a safe distance away from the traffic. This reduces the risk of accidents and enhances overall worker and driver safety.

Increased Visibility: Equipped with high-quality LED lights and clear signage, the Flagger-Mac ensures that drivers and pedestrians can easily follow traffic instructions, even in poor weather conditions.

Portability: The Flagger-Mac Lite’s compact design makes it incredibly portable and easily setup at different locations. It’s a great choice for short-term projects or rapidly changing work zones.

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